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Centipede is a simple framework for writing command line application in Java. It uses classpath scanning and the Spring framework to automatically discover classes that fit a certain pattern to automatically expose classes as command line applications.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2014 20:49

    Release Notes: This release bumps Spring to version 4.0.3

    •  05 Feb 2014 21:07

    Release Notes: This version rolls back Guava to 11.0.2 to match Hadoop and avoid "dependency hell".

    •  26 Jan 2014 20:41

      Release Notes: This release updates Guava to 16.0 and Spring to 4.0.0. If you hate XML, you can now use Groovy.

      •  01 Jan 2014 02:21

        Release Notes: This release adds a missing dot to archetype to make the local configuration directory invisible on Unix.

        •  29 Dec 2013 19:41

          Release Notes: This version automatically includes the current centipede version number in the generated POM when the archetype is built.


          Project Spotlight


          A French conjugation system.


          Project Spotlight


          An Eclipse plugin which provides a Vim-like input scheme for text editors.